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Tips for Saving Energy with Printers
Reduce your light bills by following some tips for a good, energy-saving impression.

Switch on, use and disconnect!

A good way to save energy with your printers is through so-called “conscious use,” leaving them off for as long as possible. And by no means leave the printers on at night. To do this, define a collaborator in your office as responsible for turning off the equipment at the end of the day. Just turn them back on the next day when use is made necessary for the first time a day.

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There are cases where the office printers has high power consumption when it is in standby mode and you may want to think about leaving the equipment off until it is needed. In this option, it is ideal to plan and organize well: just plug the printer into the socket when several pages are accumulated in the print queue, turning it off when the queue is finished.

Buy Correctly

Be sure to always purchase print devices that have a low power mode to reduce power consumption when not in use. Look for Procel Seals or even the Energy Star label, which is a voluntary certification program designed to identify the most energy-efficient products and thus save money spent on light beads. It was created by the US government in the early 1990s through its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but other countries, however, such as Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union also adopted the program.

There are also printers with a technology called “instant on”, where these devices are in a “stand by” mode and consume much less energy, but if you need to print something, it will take only a few seconds to exit ” Instant On “and return to the last operating state. This way you are more likely to save energy with your equipment this way, rather than remembering and turning them off when not in use.

To reduce consumption even more, consider using all-in-one printers. Called multifunction printers, they incorporate printer, scanner and copier functions into a single device, reducing the total amount of power used compared to the three separate devices.

When you print in the printer’s draft mode, it reduces the print quality to the smallest possible, but still making the document readable. This reduces the time it takes to print the file, which reduces the amount of power the printer consumes. This mode will also help you make some serious savings on the final amount of used ink or toner.

Enable this mode for all internal correspondence and on documents that the quality of the presentation is not a big problem.

Think Carefully About Colored Prints

Printing color pages can cost several times more than printing monochrome, grayscale pages.

In addition to needing more energy to heat up on laser models Color printing takes a lot more time to get ready and thus more energy.

Do you really need to use color in the prints on your business? Does the aesthetic benefit outweigh the final cost?

If yes, use print management software that allows you to control which team members can use the color, and in which applications. This will help you keep track of your energy costs and limit unauthorized use of your facility and resources.